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Inshaa'Allah To All What Follows:

Amirate-America is to be established to incorporate and to unambiguously reflect an Ideal Islamic Society, without harshness or extremism. As Americans, without injury to any other Americans, we proclaim, reserve and adopt the right, as have other Americans, to develop, dwell and sustain such a living environment in a chosen area which shall reflect the "Quality of Life" dear and true to afore stated Ideal. To this end, although designed to specifically accommodate "Muslims who are sincere* to their Deen", Amirate-America is open to any American who will respect living in, contributing to, and developing said Islamic Society/Community. This Project IS NOT a call for all American Muslims to migrate to Amirate-America. This is a call for Muslims and non-Muslims who have "something constructive to offer" in its establishment, on-going development and maintenance.

Muslim (and non-Muslim) Men & Women who will not oppose, by word or action, the basic tenets of Islam and the unambiguous Islamic Doctrine of the Qur'aan and the Sunnah of MuHammad (SAAWS-upon whom we ask blessings of Allah and peace) as approved and explained by any of the Four Classical Imams: Abu Hanafa, Malik, Sha`afi` or Ahmad bin Hanbal.

Religion is one's free choice. Thus, while there may be personal and private "inviting", there shall absolutely be no public proselytizing within the boundaries of Amirate-America by any religious group. This is to conclusively avoid and prevent the pitting of one "School of Thought", one Tariqah, one Muslim, against another. Such behavior shall not be tolerated. Let it be clearly and unambiguously understood that we are American Citizens. As intended, the dominant cultural presentation shall be Islamic and thus, we are Muslim-Americans first, whose Primary Mission is to teach and spread Allah's Deen on this American Continent and to guide the United States of America (and all the world), by example, toward righteousness.

The personal ethnic identity of each citizen of Amirate-America is his/her own personal affair. The Islamic Rule is that no one, by race or ethnicity is superior to another:


"Mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes so that you might come to know each other (not that you may despise and hate each other). The most honorable among you in the sight of Allah is the one with the most taqwah (i.e. pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much and abstain from all kinds of sinful acts and evil deeds which He has forbidden, and love Allah much and perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained). Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware." The Noble Qur'aan: 49:13

"And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference (variety) of your languages and colors. Verily, in that are indeed Signs for men (men and women) of sound knowledge (and intelligence)." The Noble Qur'aan: 30:22

Surely, it is Islam, which will help America achieve her most basic, righteous and lofty ideals to which all Americans should aspire.

Amirate-America, from its inception as a viable entity, shall function as an Amirate along classical lines as close as circumstances permit.

The "Political Apparatus" or "Machine" of Amirate-America shall be Amirate. All resident adult citizens, who are eligible to vote in general U.S. elections, shall be strongly encouraged to register as Independents, accepting the "Political Direction" of the Amir, who shall be counseled and guided not by his own caprice, but by his Majlis, consisting of an Ulama Council of true Islamic scholars (yet to be appointed) and other appointed advisors*. The members of the Majlis may, or may not, be Commissioners/Ministers responsible for running the day-to-day matters pertaining to the Public Welfare and Economic Stability of Amirate-America. All such personnel must have expertise in these areas of Public Trust. Additionally, Amirate-America shall have its own Political Analysts and Activists as "watchers" on State and Federal matters which may pertain to Amirate-America.

*Qualification of the above paragraph: For Islam and Muslims to prosper as an acceptable Political Force in the United States, capable of achieving their Political Objectives (which would benefit all Americans), they MUST constitute a "Political Block". Therefore, they must renounce the standard Political Choices of individually declaring themselves "Republican" or "Democrat", whereby they often accept and vote for the candidate which is perceived as the "lesser of two evils"! (Evil is never a choice for the God-Conscious Muslim.) There is a third choice. And that is to independently solidify one's individual vote with the needs and aspirations of the group. Suratul-Fatihah carries this central theme: Iy-yaaka Na`budu wa iy-yaka Nasta`een (You we worship and You we beg for help); Ehdinaas-siratul-mustaqeem (Guide us upon the Straight Path). In governance sanctioned and enjoined by Allah, enacted by Prophet MuHammad and followed by the Khulafaa' Rashideen, we must acknowledge that the Straight Path (of righteousness) guides us to Amirate, under an established leader, spiraling upward toward a state of Khilaafah, which will be reinstalled by Allah with the coming of the MaHdi and the return of Jesus (Peace be upon him).

At this time, as is now, there will be two groups of Muslims. There will be those who work to support Belief, and those who work to support Kufr (disbelief). Necessarily, all Muslims must make this choice for themselves and their families (future generations) beforehand! Clearly, NOW is the time. [" O you who have iman! Safeguard yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones......." The Noble Qur'aan 66:6 (666!!!)

This is the only means by which Muslims may legitimately participate in this U.S. Democratic process. "Individual participation", toward seeking "collective authority" (for the Muslim grouping) is forbidden. Muslims must have a substantial Voting Block, which can be used to coerce political candidates to address Muslim concerns.


Please be assured that there is absolutely nothing illegal about thinking and acting in the manner described herein. If anyone can show another LEGITIMATE way, do so! (See "Fatwa" link at the end of Presentation.)

NECESSARY NOTE: There are people who will argue concerning one system of Law and Governance vis-a-vis another. Intelligent reflection will show that the Islamic System is Perfect. It is Divinely inspired. God Is Perfect. Whereas Democracy, Republicanism, Communism, Imperialism, Socialism, etcetera are man-made systems, and thus imperfect because their makers are imperfect! However, since Muslims are only human-beings, like everyone else [children of Adam (peace be upon him)], they can and have brought corruption to God's system. But God's system cannot be destroyed. Therefore, it stands to reason that if men can bring corruption to a perfect system, it takes little imagination to see the damage they bring to imperfect systems! Such systems come and go. Democracy is only two hundred plus years old and we see it morally dying before our very eyes! Sincere Muslims must guide to what is Best. It is a duty.

Each voting-age Muslim, registered as an Independent, committed to the (Local, National and International) interests of the Group (Amirate), would join in effectively creating a Block Vote, which would have a powerfully pulsating political result. This Voting Block, at the discretion of the Amir, would be in support of one candidate or the other OR not given to either! In each of the three scenarios, our impact would be deafening and overpowering. (There is another grouping of people in the United States, which if it could enact what has been said here, would be by far more advanced than they are, but their "shared", yet unequal dialectic with the majority population prevents this. Thus, their true genius of intellect and ability goes unrealized! African-Americans!)

Amirate-America is not intended to be unique and independent. When (inshaa'Allah) other such entities are formed, they shall collectively constitute one entity because the Islamic system is not a federal system, which has separate regions with separate systems of autonomy, uniting under a generalized federal ruler-ship. Instead, it is a system of collective unity. Allah, SubHaanAllah, says: "And surely this nation of yours is one nation, and I am your Lord and Cherisher, therefore keep your duty to Me." The Noble Qur'aan 23:52 (Many religious camps in America practice this now, under their hierarchically structured religious authorities! However, as there is a "political reality" to every situation, the Political Reality in Islam is that "religion" and politics are inseparable!) The Islamic system of "rule and order" is centralized under one Leadership wherein this highest authority is centralized, and thus, has authority and control over all districts, as they were one, regardless of their geographic locations (speaking specifically and presciently of this continent). No district is permitted to be independent in ruling authority. Only Administrative matters are localized.

The above stated Majlis will effectively contain an Ulama Council for the Amirate, which shall select a Chief Qadi for Amirate-America from among themselves, who will fulfill a specified term as such. Said Ulama Council shall be made up of true Islamic Scholars, of which there are many in the United States to draw from. To name a few possibilities: Imam/Shaykh MuHammad Ali Al-Hanooti, Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, Shaykh Moawia Omer, Shaykh MuHammad Helmi, Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Dr./Shaykh Muzamil Saddiqi, Shaykh Ahmad Zaki, Shaykh Sheeth Ibrahim, and Dr./Shaykh Omar Afzal (Chairman of the "Committee for Crescent Observation", which has been assiduous in correctly announcing Islamic dates for decades). Such men of knowledge, serving in noble positions of responsibility elsewhere, may or may not choose to reside within Amirate-America.

Amirate-America, by design and plan, is to eventually become a duly Chartered and Constituted United States Municipality within the State of its development. "O you who have belief (iman)! Have God-conscious duty & fear of Allah (taqwa) with the taqwa that is due to Him and do not die except as Muslims. Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together, and do not separate. Remember Allah's blessing to you when you were enemies and He joined your hearts together so that you became brothers by His blessing. You were on the very brink of a pit of Fire and He rescued you from it. In this way Allah makes His signs clear to you, so that hopefully you will be guided. Let there be a community among you who call to good and enjoin the right, and forbid the wrong. They are the ones to have success. The Noble Qur'aan 3:102-104


"It is the Believers (mu'minoon) who are successful: those who humble themselves in their prayer (salaat); those who turn away from worthless talk; those who pay the poor due (zakaat); those who guard their private parts — except from their wives or those they own as slaves, in which case they are not blameworthy; but those who desire anything more than that are people who have gone beyond the limits —; those who honor their trusts and their contracts; those who safeguard their salaat; such people are the inheritors who will inherit Paradise (Firdaws), remaining in it timelessly, forever." The Noble Qur'aan 32:1-11

  1. It is proposed that Amirate-America shall strive to eventually occupy a minimum total land area of 10,000 square acres (possibly beginning with less).which shall be divided, according to the geographic/geologic qualities of the land, into seven (7) distinctly proposed sectors (including four villages: East, West, North and South). Each Village shall have its own name (yet to be determined, but likely to be determined as a gratuity to large financial donors; as will be names of different streets and institutions within Amirate-America). It is feasible that the fifth, sixth and seventh sectors shall be reserved and or developed for General Outdoor Recreation & Sports, a Natural Resource Area and a Reserve for Fishing-Hunting & Lodging. (An initial action will be the utilization of a reputable Law Firm, which specializes in Real-Estate Law in the State of choice for this Amirate-America project.)

    "This would be an act of choice. An act of "free men" taking a hand in shaping their own destiny and that of their progeny. Formation of our own Muslim neighborhoods would begin to cure many of today's social ills, which afflict us. We would be governing ourselves primarily by simple casual everyday observation of each other as neighbors and the willingness to insist upon and enforce 'right public con¬duct' by the community leader(s), the "governing authority".

    The importance of living among each other cannot be over emphasized. It is an imposed duty. Imaam MuHyuddeen Ibn Sharaf an-Nawaweyy (d. 676/1277) cites in his book of fiqh (law), al-Majmuu' Sharh al-Muhadhdhab. It was recorded by At-Tirmidhee, Abu Daa'uud, An–Naaa'ee and Ibn Maajah from Jareer Ibn Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with them all) that: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) sent troops to Khath'am (a tribe near Ta'if). People sought refuge by prostrating, but they were rapidly killed. This news reached the Prophet (PBUH), so he ordered one half the usual amount of 'blood money' be paid for them and he said: "I am not responsible for any Muslim who lives among the polytheist." The Companions said: "0 Messenger of Allah (PBUH)! Why?" He replied: "You are not able to see each other's fire (home).

    This hadeeth directly relates to Muslims living among non-Muslims. In this hadeeth the Prophet (PBUH) regards Muslims living close to each other as neighbors to be a matter of life and death. Muslims were ordered to form neighborhoods in order that they might distinguish them¬selves from non-Muslims and be recognized by others. If Muslims were not collectively recognizable as Muslims, then the Prophet (PBUH) could not hold other Muslims responsi¬ble for mistaking them for non-Muslims.

    Here is another statement from the Prophet (PBUH) which sheds more light on why he was so strong on the concern of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to form Muslim neighborhoods. MuHammad Ibn 'Abdul-WaaHid, (d.483/1090), in his book of fiqh, Shar Fath al-Qadeer, reports: The Messenger Of Allah (PBUH) ruled that "if a Muslim is killed among the ranks of non-believers, blood money is not required because his protection is eliminated by the largeness of their numbers." He also said: "Whoever increases the largeness of the numbers of a people, he is one of them."

    These hadeeth advocate Muslims being separate from non-Muslims in locality and identity. Another hadeeth which is similar to the above is more direct in discouraging Muslims from intermingling with non-Muslims. Abu Daa'uud and At-Tirmedhee recorded that Samurah Ibn Jundub nar¬rated that the Prophet (PBUH) said: "Do not live among polytheists and do not join them." This hadeeth is said to be "hasan"(good).

    The essence of the Prophet's (PBUH) thinking appears to be that living amongst a people can lead to asso¬ciation, association as a minority can lead to assimilation, and assimilation with non-Muslims must be avoided. Forming neighborhoods would not only move to purify our ranks but would increase our numbers because non-Muslims would want to live among us as well as attend our schools as a means of escaping the crime of other areas! They and their children would be exposed to our cultural values and possi¬bly affected. The effect upon them should prove to be even more pronounced than their present affect and effect upon us now as we live among them… a condition for change which must take priority.

    We must be willing to be governed Islamicly. Why do I say governed? Because your neighborhood is your first and primary land base. Every independent people have a land base. So consider how far we are from being free and independent…….." Excerpt from "Islamicizing America", pages 20-21, 1996, by Imam (Amir) Abdallah Yasin, Winston-Derek Publisher.
  2. Each Sector will feature (a) particular interest(s) such as Business and Shopping, Higher Educational Complexes, Entertainment, and strictly Residential. We propose that there shall be a Central Masjid in each Sector and Local/Neighborhood Masajd and/or Ribats in every sector. We propose that there shall be Elementary and Secondary Educational Complexes in every sector in which there are residential dwellings.

    It is Proposed that each Business and/or Residential Sector shall have a Centralized "Free Space" Suq.

    It is proposed that Amirate-America shall contain the "American Spiritual Retreat" (ASR), which shall be a place dedicated to rest, relaxation, spiritual growth and development, and a "national magnet" for Islamic Da`wah.
  3. presentation5

  4. Within specific areas of Amirate-America shall be, but not limited to, the following :NOTE: There shall be specific guide-lines for all residents of Amirate-America and there shall be Municipal Codes applicable to all residents and transients.
    1. Tracts of affordable housing with units for lease to tenants.
    2. Tracts of affordable housing; standard homes for sale and homes built to occupant specs.
    3. There shall be (State Accredited) sexually segregated Institutions of Learning: Elementary Levels; Secondary Levels (high schools); a State University made up of Colleges pertaining to specific areas of study, which shall also be sexually-segregated. We propose development of an International Student-Exchange Program. We propose that there shall be Public Libraries, Museums, Theaters (for specific Performing Arts & Entertainment Presentations), Cinemas (for selected showings), Fine (Family-Oriented) Restaurants, Popular styled Fast Food Restaurants, Model Airplane Fields (catering to "Club Development" as per the Academy of Model Aeronautics guidelines), Cemeteries, Amirate-America Radio and Television, Public Transportation along Primary Routes, etc.

      * We propose Public Dental & Health-Care Clinics as well as Private Practice Professional Medical Service Complexes and 'stand alone' offices and pharmacies.

      * We propose (initially) Emergency Hospital Services

      * We propose Rest Homes, Elderly Care Residential Facilities and (initially) Short Term Psychiatric Care Facilities.

      * We propose to produce self-sufficiency through designated Farming and Livestock areas, which shall produce for Amirate-America's Grocery-Stores and Meat-Markets.

      Where potable water is not available, Amirate-America shall be the sole authority in authorizing the drilling of wells.

      Where electricity is not available, Amirate-America shall be the sole authority in regulating the installation and use of electricity producing equipment, including but not limited to properly muffled generators (gasoline/fuel storage), inverters and batteries, and solar panels, et alia.
  5. It is envisioned that Amirate-America shall develop and establish a Multi-National/International

    Islamic Trade Union, which, among its pursuits shall promote and encourage National and International Trade, incorporate and encourage the use of precious metals (notably: dinars & dirhams, and accepting other such pure coins) as the preferred 'medium of exchange' for barter and trade.
  6. Amirate-America proposes to institute a non-banking economy through establishment of Amirate- based, Sector-oriented, Non-Interest Credit/Savings/Lending Institutions.

    "Allah will deprive usury of all blessing but will give increase for deeds of charity: He does not love creatures who are ungrateful and wicked." The Noble Qur'aan 2:276

As stated above: Amirate-America is designed to eventually become a duly Chartered and Constituted United States Municipality within the State of its development. Necessarily, Amirate-America is seeking Muslim Professionals in all areas of expertise (teaching, medical, legal, managerial, financial, etc.). All Interested parties are requested to e-mail brief (non-attachment) inquiries to mailto: and you shall be contacted for a mutual information sharing conference.

"Who is he who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply many times? It is Allah that gives (you) want or plenty and to Him shall be your return." The Noble Qur'aan 2:245

Amirate-America opens its arms to embrace and include all Islamic groups and Muslim individuals who are in agreement with this Presentation. Contact: mailto:

We readily acknowledge that there will be Muslims and others who will perceive these proposals as hyperbolic nonsense; their mouths speaking out loud the doubts within themselves. Such people will try to obfuscate the reality of our God-given possibilities to achieve this level of success. However, we refuse to believe, nay, we have every reason not to believe that we are destined to be a nugatory people, forever to live under the complete discipline of others. Without doubt, the permission and the power for this success is with Allah alone. Thus we call on every sincere Muslim throughout the world to believe in and to pray for the success of this effort. You must believe, strive and leave the results to Allah (SWT).

READ: "Allah has promised to those who believe and do good that He will surely make them rulers in the earth as He made those before them rulers, and that He will surely establish for them their deen, which He has chosen for them, and that He will surely give them security in exchange for their fear. They will serve Me, not associating anything with Me. And whoever is ungrateful after this, they are the transgressors (the faasiqoon)." The Noble Qur'aan 24:55 AND BELIEVE.

"It is the Believers who are successful." The Noble Qur'aan 23:1

This Presentation represents America's Wonderful Lofty Ideal, which eludes her. However, this is truly an Islamic Ideal, and it is clear that it will take Muslims to show her how to peacefully attain it.

Surely, Allah is The Provider and The Sustainer. We pray that All Mighty Allah gives us the strength to change ourselves into a people upon whom His Blessings will flow without measure. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

Allah Is Perfect, Worthy of All Praise, The Possessor and Dispenser of All Good. The Master and King Of The Day of Judgment. Any errors in this incomplete document, or in what it proposes, belong to its author, who prays for forgiveness from Him for himself and for all of you. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

As-salaamu `alaykum wa raHmatullah.

Presented under the auspices of the National Amirate of Masjid Baytul-Khaliq (Inc.) Established in 1973

The Author (Amir Abdallah Yasin) retains the exclusive right to amend or modify any aspect of this Amirate-America Presentation, without notice.

Telephone: (973) 926-8927


National Amir: Amir Abdallah Yasin/Alabama & New Jersey

Wazirah & Executive Liaison to Amir: Hajjah Jannah C. Yasin, Esq./Alabama & New Jersey

Amirate-America S.E. Regional Ambassador: National Wazir Kaashif MuHammad/Alabama

Regional Consultant: Lalla Najwa Bilqis/Alabama

Regional Consultant: Sayyid MuHammad Yasin/Florida

Young Men's Liaison to Amir: Sayyid Kasib Jarvis al-Yasin/Georgia

Regional Consultant: Sayyid al-Hajj Abdur-RaHim Hanif/ New Jersey Georgia, Illinois

Regional Consultant: Lalla Su`ad Hanif/Illinois

National Wazir & Local Amir: Amir Abdul-Aziz/Nebraska State Amir

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Ibrahim Pastuszak/Nebraska

Amirate-America Regional Ambassador & Liason to Nat. Amir: Lalla Wazirah Najwah Bilqis/Nebraska

Consultant Liason to Amir: Lalla Musleema Rashad/Nebraska

Consultant: Lalla Akilah Wilson/Nebraska

Consultant: Lalla Pricilla Johnson/Nebraska

Consultant: Lalla Makeba Goins/Nebraska

Consultant: Sayyid Abdur-RaHim Johnson/Nebraska

Consultant: Sayyid Kareem Anderson/Nebraska

Consultant: Sayyid Malik Cooperwood/Nebraska

Consultant: Sayyid Kyle Hardin/Nebraska

Young Men's Liason to Amir: Sayyid Mahannan Gage/Nebraska

National Wazir: Amir Abdul-RaHeem MuHammad/Kentucky/State Amir

Consultant: Lalla Rhonda MuHammad/Kentucky

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Abdur-RaHman Wadud/Maryland

Regional Consultant: Lalla Sonia Safiyah Chinn/Mass

National Amir: Amir Abdallah Yasin/New Jersey State Amir

Consultant & Liaison to Amir: Sayyid al-Hajj Harun Abdul-Qadir/New Jersey

Consultant & Liaison to Amir: Sayyid al-Hajj Daud Abdus-Salaam/New Jersey

Consultant & Liaison to Amir: Hajjah Aminah Bayyan/New Jersey

Regional Consultant to Amir: Hajj Khalis Bayyan/New Jersey

Personal Consultant to Amir: Atty. Azizah Yasin/Massachusetts, New Jersey & New York

Consultant & Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Wazirah Hajjah Aisha Abdur-Rashid/New Jersey

Consultant & Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Wazirah WaHidah Yasin/New Jersey

Consultant & Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Wazirah Fatima Wadud/New Jersey

Consultant & Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Wazirah Saniyyah Abdul-Qadir /New Jersey

Consultant: North East Regional Amirate-America Ambassador & Imam Rasuli Akram/New Jersey

Consultant: North East Regional Amirate-America Ambassador Asst. Imam al-Hajj Harun Abdul-Qadir/New Jersey

Consultant: North East Regional Amirate-America Ambassador Abdush-Shahid Luqman/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid Abdur-RaHim Yasin/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid Zayd Yasin/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid Murad Yasin/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid YaHya Mujahid/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid Osman Ali/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid Abdullah Tauhid/New Jersey

Consultant: Sayyid Bilal Abdal-Aziz `Ali/New Jersey

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Hajjah Aisha Abdul-Qadir/New Jersey

Women's Liaison to Amir: Hajjah Khadijah Abdus-Salaam/New Jersey/No. Carolina

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Tahirah Shabazz/New Jersey

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Rashidah MuHammad/New Jersey

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Fatimah Waduud/New Jersey

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Saniyyah Abdul-Qadir/New Jersey

Young Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Mujahidah Isma`il/New Jersey

Young Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Mahassan Abdul-Qadir/New Jersey

Young Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Tahirah Bayyan/New Jeresey

Young Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Azizah Isma`il/New Jersey

Young Men's Liaison to Amir: Sayyid Mujahid MuHammad/New Jersey

Young Men's Liaison to Amir: Sayyid Jamil Khalif/New Jersey

Young Men's Liaison to Amir: Sayyid Harun bin Harun Abdul-Qadir/New Jersey

Regional Consultant: Hajj Amir Bayyan/Nevada

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Abdul-Hakim Bayyan/Nevada

National Wazir: Amir/Imam Dawoud Adeyola/New York State Amir

Consultant: Al-Hajj Umar bin Dawoud/New York

Consultant: Al-Hajj Askia Alkebular/New York

Consultant: Al-Hajj ibn Aqiel Haharabi/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Bilal Abdullah/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Ali Muslim/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Jamal Ali/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Kwaku Jamiel/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Dawoud Abdul-Hamid

Consultant: Sayyid Kamal Salahuddin/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Aqiel A. Qadir/New York

Consultant: Sayyid Jameel A. RaHeem/New York

Consultant & Executive Liaison to Amir: Lalla Nafeeza Ayana-Tene/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Hajjah Sabreyah Abdullah/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Ameera Shabazz/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Mahjouba Jihad/NewYork

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Kaleema Ahsan/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Sakeena RaHeema/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Basirah R. Deen/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Malika MuHammad/New York

Women's Liaison to Amir: Lalla Maryam Jama/New York

National Wazir: Imam Al-Hajj Abdur-Rashid IsHaq/North Carolina

National Wazir: Amir Isma'il Bryant/North Carolina

National Wazir: Imam Abdur-Rashid IsHaq/No. Carolina

Regional Consultant: Sayyed Lakim Shabazz/North Carolina

Regional Consutlant: Sayyid Mohammed Aouni/North Carolina

Regional Consultant: Lalla Sitembile Umm Askia/Ohio

Regional Consultant: Sayyid YaHya Shabazz/Pennsylvania

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Abdur-RaHman Isma`il/Pennsylvania & Delaware

National Amir: Amir Shadiid Yasin/Pennsylvania/State Amir

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Faruq Abdul-Hakim/Pennsylvania

Regional Consultant: Lalla Natalie Abdul-Hakim/Pennsylvania

Personal Consultant: Dr. Aliyah Yasin/Pennsylvania

Regional Consultant: Lalla Tawiya bint Ahmad/Virginia & U.S. Virgin Islands

National Amir: Amir Abdallah Yasin/U.S.Virgin Islands Territorial Amir

Wazirah & Executive Liaison to Amir: Hajjah Jannah C. Yasin, Esq./U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Mustafa Osama Wisotsky/U.S. Virgin Islands & Florida

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Khalid al-Yasin/U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Deen Ritter/Florida & U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Lalla Rashidah bint Ahmad/Florida & U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Hamza/U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Lalla Samirah bint Ahmad/U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Sayyid Umar/U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Consultant: Lalla Aliyah bint Ahmad/U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Mid-West Amirate-America Ambassador (Ohio State Amir): Amir Al-Mansur Abdur-RaHim

U.S. South-East Amirate-America Ambassador & National Wazir Kaashif MuHammad/Alabama

U.S. North-East Amirate-America Ambassador Wazir Abdush-Shahid Luqman

U.S. Western North-Central Regional Amirate-America Ambassador Najwah Muslim/Nebraska

Et Alia (There are many not named herein who, nevertheless, perform in genuine support roles.)

This Incomplete List of "Core People" to be continued…… Inshaa'Allah: (For a Summary of Amir Abdallah Yasin's Background see appropriate link".)

Brief Organizational Overview:

Per 2012:

Masjid Baytul-Khaliq is a 39 year old Islamic Service Organization. It has evolved into an established National Amirate with its National Headquarters based in Newark, New Jersey; established from its inception (in 1973) upon the Sunnah of Islam, as were its two predecessors, the eldest of which (The AAUAA) dates back to the early 1920's. Masjid Baytul-Khaliq's Community/Congregation's (primary) Islamic Direction is upon the Amal of Madinah as recorded by Imam Malik. However, the National Amirate of Masjid Baytul-Khaliq recognizes that every one of the Imams of Independent Judgment (ijtihaad) are equally valid. Every one of their paths are rays of guiding-light, which streams from the Light of the Prophet MuHammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). To negate, denigrate and/or malign any of these paths is to castigate the Source through whom they came! …… Rasul-ullaah (SAAWS)! There is unanimous agreement among the True Scholars of the Sunnah (may Allah bless them all) that all of the Four surviving Schools of Thought (madhhaahib) of the Muslims are upon the Truth. All of the citizens of this National Amirate accept that Abu Haneefa, Maalik, ash-Sha`fi`, Ahmad (and the Imaams of the extinct schools of The Community of the Sunnah) are upon guidance from their Lord. In this National Amirate, most Amirate "Citizens" adhere to the Maliki Madh-hab.

Also, within the National Amirate of Masjid Baytul-Khaliq are the following:

*A 13 year old established Amirate in the U.S. Virgin Islands; incorporated and duly recognized by the Muslims and government of that Territory.

*The Amirate of Amir Dawoud Adeyola, "Jabul Arabiyya", of upstate New York (Buffalo & Amherst) with over 325 acres in West Valley, NY, on which over 150 of our brothers and sisters are buried. Most of them were elderly Muslim American Pioneers. (Amir Dawoud Adeyola is an executive of the Council of Imams of Western New York, while Amir Abdallah Yasin is the Secretary-General of the Council of Imams of New Jersey.) The West Valley land, inshaa'Allah, will eventually be the site of our northern most U.S. Madinah Development. [Jabul Arabiyya and Masjid Baytul-Khaliq are related "sister organizations". These respected and respectable organizations are branches of the Adeynu Allahi Universal Arabic Association (AAUAA), which was founded and established in the 1920's by Shaykh/Doctor/Ustadh MuHammad `Izzul-Deen (may Allah have mercy upon him). He and Shaykh Dawud al-Faisal (may Allah have mercy upon him), founder of the Islamic Mission of America in 1928, located in New York City, now known as Masjid Dawud and formerly known as the State Street Mosque, were contemporaries and associates.] The AAUAA had five (5) Chapters (Amirates) established in four states. Professor MuHammad `Izzul-Deen was well traveled and well educated in Muslim lands, and from the start he promoted Amirate (Organized Communities under an Amir). He and Shaykh Dawud taught that we American Muslims, many of whom acknowledge our Moorish blood and Islamic roots (not to be mistaken for people of the Moorish Science Temple sect) are/were free people, and would remain free as long as we accepted correct leadership, thought and acted as free men!

Today, this National Amirate has Families and Individuals, establishing local Organizational Amirates, scattered over many States including Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, U.S.V.I., et alia. All, by Allah's power, bound together by the true Islamic Governance System of Bay`ah.

The "Confederated Amirates of America" has been established. In October 2001, this Amirate and the Amirate of Amir al-Mansur of Ohio, As-Saffat, Confederated. Continuing talks are underway for Confederation with other like-minded Amirates and Organizations. Organizations, which inshaa'Allah, will act on Sovereignty and not just talk of it. We are receiving inquiries from across the United States and abroad from groups and individuals who are interested in joining into this Confederation.

All inquiries should be sent to:
Subject Line: Confederate

Fellow Muslims: If YOU have ever wished, hoped and prayed for a true multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational Islamic Environment………well here it is, the opportunity and your choice! Certainly, we will be judged by the choices we made!

"The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of Allah is that of a grain of corn: It grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He please; and Allah cares for all and He knows all things." The Noble Qur'aan 2:261

The Target Financial Projection for implementing this eventually (inshaa'Allah) self-sustaining project is $70,000,000. We pray that all people of good-will shall donate within their capabilities toward the establishment of the Amirate-America Project as described above. Inshaa'Allah, Donars of $1,000 or more will receive a "Certificate of Appreciation" AND preference should they decide to establish a residence and/or business practice within Amirate-America. Please send an e-mail Acknowledgement of your Donation to: to receive an E-receipt, a Thankful Response and Du`a for your success and well-being in this life and the Next. [However, let it be clear that large or small donations are equally welcome. The world's last Prophet to this humanity (SAWS) is reported to have said: "Do not consider any act of kindness as insignificant."] Inshaa'Allah: This is our Future Legacy to the world.

"If you loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan He will double it to your (credit) and He will grant you Forgiveness: for Allah is Most Ready to appreciate (service), Most Forbearing." The Noble Qur'aan 64:17

We call upon all who read this document to give generously of the wealth Allah has entrusted to you. Surely, your giving will be witnessed and be considered in your accounting on the Day of Rising.

Hadha fii sabee-lilaah.

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