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Lawful Zakaat

DEAR BROTHER & SISTER MUSLIMS: In The Qur'aan, almost always, when Allah (SWT) mentions Salaat He also menti ons Zakaat. Many great Scholars of Islam say that these two Pillars are intrinsic to each other. Not to mitigate the importance of Fasting and Hajj, Zakaat comes before either. Thus we see the importance of the 3rd Pillar of Islam! Perhaps it is because without the 1st Pillar, Shahadah (certification of the individual's willingness to exercise his/her free choice to wholeheartedly and sincerely embrace the Faith of Islam) there is no Concept of Islam. Without the 2nd Pillar, there is no development of Faith in said Concept. Without Zakaat, forus there can be nospiritual and material existence of Faith.

Unfortunately too many Muslims do not Fast (Na`oothu bil -laahi minash -shayTaa-nirajeem), and most Muslims do not or cannot perform the Hajj. Therefore, it should be clear that the first 3 Pillars are primaryin importance to the Deen itself!

Zakaat is a moral obligation, which conveys to us that we must not be selfish and become too fond of this world nor our worldly possessions. We must always be ready and willing to help our Muslim brethren and the Great Causes of Islam.

ZAKAAT may be distributed and utilized among the following categories:

  1. The poor Muslims, to relieve their stress.
  2. The needy Muslims to supply their implements for ea rning a livelihood, and those whose hearts are inclined to embrace Islam, i.e., new converts to Islam and "new" Muslims, so as to enable them to settle down and meet their immediate needs.
  3. The Muslims indebt, to free them from their liabilities incurre d under pressing circumstances.
  4. The Muslim wayfarers, if any one of them be found to be stranded in a land or place foreign to him and is inneed of assistance.
  5. Muslim prisoners of war, forliberating them by payment of ransom money, etc.
  6. Muslim e mployees appointed by a Muslim Amir for the collection of Zakaat, for the payment of their wages.
  7. Those engaged in the way of Allah, to defray the expenses for the defense and propagation of Islam. (Fis- Sabil-li-laah)

Islamic Schol ars agree that this category includes projects such as Amirate-America. Therefore, when one includes Amirate-America in his/her distribution of Zakaat, he/she can be confident of this process for fulfilling his/her annual obligation.

Amirate-America is America's Greatest IslamicProject. You are called to be a part of it.

Send Your Annual Zakaat Payments to the Amirate-America Project.