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About The Amir

AMIR Abdallah Yasin, born June, 1942, is and has been, forthe past 35years, the Amir (Commander, OverallOrganizational Leader/CEO) of the International Islamic Community/Con gregation (Amirate) of "Masjid Baytul -Khaliq" (Def: AMosque named "House of The Creator"), Inc.,headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Amir Abdallah, who is also known as and often referred to as Imam Abdallah, is wellknown, nationally and internationally, for his Islamic work, contributions and leadership.

Amir Abdallah has held a number of offices, many upuntil he presented resignations in 1988 when he, with his family, relocated to St. Croix, U.S.V.I. Until his resignation he had heldthe post of "Imam" at Newark Community Mosque (1974 - 1988). He was one of the founders of the Islamic Council of Essex County, New Jersey and its first presiding chairman (1979- 1988). After establishing New Jersey's first organized public 'Eids (special post Ramadan and post Hajj prayers and festivities) in 1976, AmirAbdallah was the first and presiding chairman of the Unified 'Eid Committee of New Jersey (1979 - 1988). He was one of the founders of the Islamic Federation of North America, and served as its National Treasurer for two years (1980- 1982). Also, itis through his efforts thatthe first full time Islamic grade school became established in Newark, New Jersey (1977). The "Islamic School of New Jersey" was planned and spawned in and under AmirAbdallah's auth ority, through his appointed personnel, andunder the auspices of Masjid Baytul -Khaliq.

[The"home" of the Islamic Community of Masjid Baytul -Khaliq is Newark Community Masjid, which is also known as the Da'wah Center of Newark. During the 1990's it also hosted the Da'wah College, under the Directorate of the late Shaykh Heshaan Jaaber, may Allah's Mercy be upon him.]

For two years Amir Abdallah hosted a popular New Jersey cable program entitled "Islamic Discussions" (1985- 1987). He is currently the Secretary-General of the "Council of Imams of New Jersey".

Amir Abdallah has also served as one of the National Community Leaders on the Council of a National Islamic Community based in Atlanta, Georgia (1985 - 1992). He has served as one of the principl e Islamic Leaders in the Caribbean, and one of the Virgin Islands' primary Islamic spokes persons. For seven years he preached regularly at the local V.I. mosque (1989- 1996) and for the past 16 years had been the Director of the "Da'wah Center & First Ribat" of the U.S.Virgin Islands".

Today, AmirAbdallah administers to the affairs of his Organization, …..internationally, nationally and locally, from his resident/organizational address in Tuskegee, Alabama In past years he had also represented his New Jersey based organization through the Islamic Society of NorthAmerica, an Indiana based national organization and throughthe Saudi Arabian "Council of Mosques of the U.S. and Canada" to which he was a member from its inception, untilthe early1990's.

During the 1980`s Amir Abdallah had been one of the National Board members of the "National Islamic Assembly" based in Chicago, Illinois; functioning as its Northeast Regional Director. He is a past member of the Interfaith Coalition of St.Croix, resigning in 1992. He has spoken, lectured and preached at mosques, grade schools, colleges and gatherings locally, nationally and internationally. For two years he hosted the popular Virgin Islands radio program, "Islamic Perspectives", which broadcast throughoutthe Caribbean. AmirAbdallah is a regularly published writer, andauthor of a wellreceived book entitled Islamicizing America; its sequel is inthe works

For thirteen years he was a dedicated member of Saudi Arabia's Propagation Team in the United States (1978 - 1991). Inshaa'Allah, the culminating details of this relationship shall be fully revealed in the sequel of Islamicizing America.

In 1997 AmirAbdallah became the U.S. National Amir for the U.S.contingent ofthe World MurabitunMovement and by so doing, absorbed that body into his existing National Amirate. However, in August 2001, AmirAbdallah was compelled to disband the U.S. contingent of this group.

Amir Abdallah has been an ardent worker and teacher within the New Jersey State Prison system. In1975 he gave "Shahadah" (Proclamation of Faith) to several inmates at Trenton State Prison and organized them into that institution's first recognized (though 'system' persecuted) Orthodox (Sunni) Islamic Community. In1976 he began weekl y classes and Jumu'ah at Rahway State Prison and again organized and structured its first recognized (though 'system' persecuted) Orthodox (Sunni) Islamic Community. In1987 Amir Abdallah, after besting a host of qualified candidates for the post, became the first Islamic Advisor (given the oxymoranic title of "Islamic chaplain") at Newark's newly constructed Maximum security institution, Northern State Prison. He organized and structured the Islamic community at this institution, allowing only the recogn ition of Orthodox (Sunni) Islam; closing the door on all aberrations during his tenure. These Islamic Communities continue to exist to this day. Al- Hamdu lillaah (The Praise belongs only to Allah.). Amir Abdallah Yasin has responsibly held many other posts too numerous to listhere, butwe shallnote one other:

Amir Abdallah has performed his civic duty to Muslims and non -Muslims alike. In the early 1970's, inhis absence from meetings which he had not been attending, he was elected to be the presi dent ofthe Tenants' Association for the two "sister" buildings, 100 &244 Chadwick Avenue, whichwere known as Mount Calvary Homes, (200+ family) ! The tenants heldtheir meeting, then flooding into the halls,came to the door of his 3 rd floor apartmentand"drafted" AmirAbdallah to be their president and tenant leader. Amir Abdallah gives due credit to his excellentAdministrative Action Team of Tenants: his Building Captains (Carl Brown and HelenSancho);his Chief Officers (James Blair, Barbara Dabney, Mrs. Larnes) and many, many other tenants. Their collective actions effected the longest running rentstrike in"partially subsidized" private housing in the United States! Those were difficulttimes but he led them through30 months of court battles for improved living conditions in those two new, gigantic, yet cheaply constructed buildings. During this entire time, due to his leadership, not one person got evicted! [(During the same period of time Toby Henry was leading a similarly successful lon g-term strike in one of Newark's public housing projects. He and Amir Abdallah were greatly assisted by EllsworthMorgan, Director of thenon -profit "Newark Tenant's Organization, Inc." which assisted tenants in redressing legitimate grievances by being a liaison between tenants andthe local Legal Aid Association through one of their primary Legal Advisors, Attorney Stanley Varon, who was often assistedby students from local Law schools.) Amir Abdallah and EllsworthMorgan, consulting withthe officers of the 100/244 Chadwick Tenants' Association, guided two young Law Students,Lee Hollick and Woody Widrow in the drafting of an exemplary Rent ControlActfor the City of Newark. AmirAbdallah introduced it to an acquaintance, city councilman Earl Harris, who wasvery impressed. So much so that he broughtitto the Newark City Council and foughtfor ituntilitbecame Newark's first RentControlBill signed into law! AmirAbdallah only supported two local politicians with the Political Strength ofthe 20 0+ families he represented, and their extended families; Councilman Earl Harris and Councilman SharpeJames, who was, until recently,the long -term Mayor of Newark.]

Amir Abdallah's formal schooling and higher education took place in New Jersey and in NewYork. Having began his college/academyschooling inthe area of "aircraft design" he eventually pursued a career in the fieldof Municipal Engineering. He remained in this Engineering Profession for nearly twenty -fiveyears and retired from it in 1985. In addition, he has successfully completed a number of intense courses and semesters of study at several Islamic Institutions of higher learning in the United States and abroad, including King Abdul - Aziz University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. He has also completed and received certificates for Managerial Training, etc.

AmirAbdallah has four children from his first marriage (ages given for 2009):

Amir Abdallah has three children and a stepson from a subsequent marriage in which his wife died in 1984 after ten months of hospitalization, leaving him with four young children, ages10 months, two, fourand sev en years of age. (Currently: his stepson, Abdur -RaHman Isma`il, age 32, has graduated from the University of Delaware and is pursuing a career in Nursing/Medical Business Administration. His 30 year old daughter, Yasmeen Yasin, had begun an educational pursuit towards a career in Journalism, butopted into a career in telecommunications and is a supervisor with a major player in said industry. Amir Abdallah's 28 year old son, MuHammad Yasin, having graduated from Johnson and Wales University's Culinary College and gaining ex perience at his trade is now a Regional Business Manager in a major U.S. Tourist City for a famous international restaurant chain.. His 26 year old daughter, Asmaa Yasin, having a literary knack, is waiting to bloom. Inshaa'Allah.)

Amir Abdallah makes daily du'as for all of his children and his grandchildren. He sends prayers daily for all of our children as well, and he makes no "bones" about the obligation we American Muslims have to Islamicize America and not just"be here". Hesays: "We mustpray for each other." He also says: "This work, this da'wah, is to truly establish Islam inthis land.Itis our obligation, our duty,whichcan only be carried out organizationally. The results belong to Allah,alone. Therefore, seeing it happen in our lifetime should not be our concern. The work, here and now, is!"

Today Amir Abdallah resides with his wife onthe premises of the Da'wah C enter & Main Ribat of Alabama, in a suburbof Tuskegee, andalso maintains a residence in Newark, New Jersey. From this dual residency, he administers to the affairs of his organizations, preaches, teaches and engages in literary pursuits. His initial relocation to the USVI in 1978 was the results of careful organizational planning as an expansive Or ganizational endeavor, which after his arrival, due to his preaching and growing popularity was fraught with nearly nine (9) years of VI State and federal opposition and deliberate persecution, which,by the Mercy and Protection of Allah, he survived. Al- Hamdu lil -laah.

For the past 20 years Amir Abdallah has been married to Hajjah Jannah C. Yasin, Esq. Together, they have fought many battles, and by Allah's favor, won most, survived others, but never lost. Clearly, inshaa'Allah,there is yet much work for Amir Abdallah & Company. Al - Hamdu lil -laah.

Hajjah Jannah,knownas Umm `Aliis the mother of 5 adult children: 4 daughters and a son, who died of a suspected brain aneurysm in 2001, only weeks before his 26th birthday (may Allah have mercy upon him ). Her daughters: Tawiya, Samirah, Aliyah and Rashidah are all college educated, the latter three being happily married, all working and/or raising families. Hajjah Jannah C. Yasin has retired from a 20year career as a teacher in the St. Croix, USVI school system and from a36 year career as a practicing attorney in the USVI and Washington, D.C.

Today, seeking Organized Muslim companionship inthis region, Amir Abdallah& Hajjah Jannah have joined the Auburn Islamic Center and enjoy participating within AI C's great membership. Two of whom, being Islamically and intellectually trained and well versed in matters of fiqh have been appointed as Qadis for Amir Abdallah's Amirate.

FOR THE RECORD : Under Amir Abdallah Yasin, the Amirate of Masjid Baytul - Khaliq has established many firsts (wa Allahu'Alim):

  1. Was the first to host a multi -day conference designed to develop an Islamic Educational System for area Muslims (October 1977)
  2. Was apparently firstto activate, or reactivate, the Islamic Custom of Aqeeqah in the New Jersey area. (1974)
  3. First in area to establish a truly public Community Masjid and maintain the five daily salaah, including Jumu'ah and the 'Eidain (Jan. 1976)
  4. First member organization of the Council of Imams of New Jersey (developed through Amir Abdallah's initiative) to truly organize and structure the 'Eids each year, along with festiveactivities.
  5. First to provide outpatient residential care for two self - sufficient, yet marginally mentally challenged among us.
  6. By Amir Abdallah's order, after due consultation, was first in New Jersey, and first among the few others elsewhere, to implement and enforce an Islamiccode of dress, particularly among its women (1974). When that order was given and not rescinded, the Community lost half its members because too many of the men had too little or no authority over their wives. It is evident that many of those who dishonored their bay'at, because of the Amir's decision, are people who still ho ld rancor intheir hearts against him. Yet, today, al - Hamdu lil -laah,those among them who are still in Islam are properly covered! This order of Amir Abdallah's was a giant Islamic step and dramatically changed the face of Islam in New Jersey at that time.
  7. First to daily announce the adhaan for each salaat over the streets of Newark via a "public-address" system (Jan. 1976); a practice which has continued. Al-Hamdu lil-aah.
  8. In the late 1970's was the vehicle by which several Saudi sponsored shaykhs were first introduced to the Newark area.
  9. Among the first to have sponsored a learned brother (and his wife) to live on the masjid premises to be of service to the area Muslims 24/7 (for eight years).
  10. First to hold weekly scholarly classes on Islam conducted by Shaykh Ibrahim Isma'il from 1975 until his death in 1980. May Allah have mercy upon him. (Never promoting himself as an Islamic Authority, Amir Abdallah has always striven to have one on board.)
  11. Each year,since the mid 1970's, has distributed thousands of dollars in zakaat and sadiqah, including purchasing appliances for the needy, etc. Al- Hamdulil-laah. Over the years only the Amir and his Treasurers knew the details of these distributions.)
  12. Was first to establish the Sunnahof Islam into the New Jersey State Prison system as Organized entities, with organized jamaa'ats. (Rahway State Prison / 1976; Trenton State Prison / 1976; Northern State Prison / 1986)
  13. Among the first nation -wideto introduce young Muslim men and teens to outdoors life (inthe wilderness).
  14. First to introduce the youth to the hobby -sport of building and flying gas powered model airplanes.
  15. Among the first to appoint women to high administrative office and real representation in the running of Organizational affairs.
  16. First to appeal to the Newark Board of Education on Islamic concerns, such as appropriate gym wear, etc.
  17. First to initiate a public system of da'wah in 1975 by actually tak ing Islam to the people in the streets; holding public talks at such places as on street corners, non -Muslims' homes, schools and synagogues, etc.
  18. Among the first to initiated and implement the proper role of the "wali" and his role for the unique circumstance for the American Muslim woman.
  19. First to develop an enduring Islamic Training Program for American Muslims in cooperation withthe then leadership of the Islamic Center of Jersey City. For approximately 18 months, weekly classes were held atthe Jersey City Center and for 12 months at Newark Community Masjid [Shaykh Abdul -Hayy bin Yusuf (his mentor was Shaykh Sulaiman Donya, may Allah's Merch be upon him.)] 1975- 77
  20. First to insist thatAmerican Muslims respectfully acknowle dge their leaders by their respective religious titles, as do people of other faiths.

There were many other firsts, but the point isthat Masjid Baytul - Khaliq tried and it did! And, is still doing! (Al -Hamdulil -laah.) It gave/gives Newark Area Muslims and the general communities its very best. Al-Hamu lil -laah. May Allah continue to bless the Amirate of Masjid Baytul - Khaliq and ALL striving Islamic Organizations. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

AND NOW: AMIRATE-AMERICA , is an idea whose time hascome. AMIRATE-AMERICA is the next evolutionary step for Islam on the North American continent. AMIRATE-AMERICA represents the future of Islam in America.